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16.04.2021 | Blog-iE, Security

Big Tech and the Cross-Border Monopoly Problem

David Moscrop asks whether American and European pressures and precedents encourage Canada to take a tougher line on anti-trust action against large…


12.04.2021 | Blog-iE, News

A gentle giant and bridge-builder is gone – we mourn the loss of Edward “Buzz” Palmer

While I do not remember the exact day that I first met Buzz Palmer – it must have been in 2006 or 2007 when he visited our office in Washington, DC on…


12.04.2021 | Blog-iE, News

Knut's Logbook: Germany's Super Election Year - The Parties, The States, The Scandals

Episode two of Knut's Logbook takes another look at the current developments in Germany's Super Election Year.



29.03.2021 | Blog-iE, News

Knut's Logbook: Dispatches on German Politics | Germany's Super Election Year

2021 is a landmark election year in Germany – we call it a ‘super election year’. What makes this election year different, and why does it matter for…


04.03.2021 | Blog-iE, Canada

Under Biden, Canada-U.S. Relations Will Look Familiar – With a Couple Twists

In late February, President Biden held his first foreign meeting; it was with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But what does President Biden mean for…


27.02.2021 | Blog-aD, Blog-iE, News

FES SPEZIAL: Ein Interview zum Black History Month

Auch wenn sich der Monat Februar, der Black History Month, dem Ende neigt und wir derer gedacht haben, die in diesem Land in allen Bereichen großes…


26.02.2021 | Blog-iE

The Reality of Surviving on Food Stamps During a Pandemic - Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought additional complications to the outdated and highly limited system of state nutrition support for food-insecure…


08.02.2021 | Blog-iE

Why Did Trump Succeed – And Why Might Trumpism Last?

David Moscrop on political decision-making, partisan identity, and the lingering influence of Donald Trump in U.S. politics.


04.02.2021 | Blog-iE

150 Years of Friedrich Ebert - #HappyBDayFritz

Imagine being elected President in a time of economic crisis and systemic stress, with a hyper-polarized electorate teetering on the verge of apparent…


27.01.2021 | Blog-iE

“…The day of liberation is a bit like a second birthday for me.” : Remembering the 76th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

We remember each day – and especially each January 27th – in order to never let what happened in Auschwitz happen again.






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