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Report of the 9th Annual Conference on Turkey

In conjunction with the Middle East Institute (MEI), the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) was pleased to co-sponsor the 9th Annual Conference on…



Co-Determining the Future

Could the German system of corporate co-determination serve as a role model for the US?



JustJobs Network 2018 Signature Volume

People on the Move - Advancing the Discourse on Migration & Jobs


Strategy Debates of US-American Parties for the Midterm Elections 2018

How are political movements positioned? How do they react to changes in the society and with which topics do they position themselves where in the…


Codetermining the Future of Work: Lessons from Germany

By Thomas A. Kochan, Wilma B. Liebman, and Inez von Weitershausen


For whose benefit?

What the murder of rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko means for the peace process in eastern Ukraine



Progressive Strategies in Times of Growing Right-Wing Populism

In light of the remarkable rise of right-wing populism in Germany and its growing presence in parliaments and discourses, the volume at hand…



Gewerkschaftsarbeit am Scheideweg

Arbeitsgrundlagen von US-Gewerkschaften de facto erheblich erschwert. Zur Supreme Court-Entscheidung Janus v. AFSCME


Trade Unions in Transformation

Our project “Trade Unions in Transformation” shifts the narrative about trade unions. Moving away from the standard depiction of unions as victims of…


The Turkish-U.S. relationship

Current tensions and future prospects | by Gönül Tol


A news services on current political, economic and cultural developments provided by the Washington Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Its target readership are German public officials, professionals, journalists, as well as researchers. FES Perspectives are mostly published in German and written by varying American and German experts.

Publications from the Digital Library

Lamond, James; Bergmann, Max

A new transatlantic Russia policy

Can the U.S. and Europe work together?
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (90 KB, PDF-File)

Rojansky, Matthew

The U.S., Germany, and Nord Stream 2

WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Bergmann, Max; Lamond, James

The 9/11 era is now history

What comes next for U.S. foreign policy
WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (95 KB, PDF-File)

Dethlefsen, Knut; Panknin, Knut

Blaue Mauer statt blauer Welle

Berlin, 2020

Download publication (110 KB, PDF-File)

Miller-Idriss, Cynthia

In whose interest?

Gender and far-right politics in the United States
WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (330 KB, PDF-File)

Panknin, Knut

Ein System mit Vorerkrankungen

Warum die USA schwer mit der Corona-Wirtschaftskrise zu kämpfen haben
WashingtonDC, 2020

Go to Publication (280 KB, PDF-File)

Schwartz, Lauren

Eine neue Außenpolitik für die USA

WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (125 KB, PDF-File)

Schwartz, Lauren

Anticipating a new U.S. foreign policy

WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (125 KB, PDF-File)

Wermenbol, Grace

Israel-Palästina und der Deal des Jahrhunderts

Die US-Außenpolitik unter Präsident Donald J. Trump 2017-2019
Berlin, 2019

Download publication (270 KB, PDF-File)

Wermenbol, Grace

Israel-Palestine and the deal of the century

U.S. foreign policy under president Donald J. Trump 2017-2019
Berlin, 2019

Download publication (250 KB, PDF-File)

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