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Israel-Palestine and the deal of the century

U.S. foreign policy under president Donald J. Trump 2017-2019



"There has to be someone who focuses on the daily lives of working people" Michael Vassiliadis on Just Transition

An interview with Michael Vassiliadis, Chairman of the German Industrial Union for Mining, Chemicals and Energy (IG BCE)


Knut Dethlefsen zu Gast bei dem Überzeugungsarbeit.de Podcast


Über amerikanische Politik, die USA, Trump und den Blick nach Deutschland - ein Gespräch mit Knut Dethlefsen und Leif Neugebohrn



The Toronto Conference on Germany: What Do the European Elections Hold in Store for a Continent in Flux?

The proceedings of the 7th Annual Toronto Conference on Germany



The World Order in Disarray: Why Saving the Transatlantic Partnership is Crucial

Read a synopsis of the May 8th panel discussion co-hosted at the German Marshall Fund in Washington



The 18th Meeting of the Global Atlanticists Network

The Global Atlanticists Network met April 23-27 in Berlin, Dresden, and Paris.



Conference Report: "The Divergence of Geopolitical Interest"

The Washington office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung was pleased to cooperate with the Middle East Institute in co-hosting a one-day conference…


Event Invitation: "Making the Digital Economy work for Everyone"

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Economic Policy Institute cordially invite you to a panel discussion on "Making the Digital Economy Work for…


Just Published! "2019 Security Radar: Wake-up call for Europe!"

‘Security Radar 2019 – Wake-up call for Europe’ is intended to shed light on two major factors of crucial importance for political decision makers:…


New FES trade opinion paper: Fair Play in World Trade

Now available in English - the newest FES trade opinion paper, featuring a preface by MdL Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel


"For us social democrats, a fair…


A news services on current political, economic and cultural developments provided by the Washington Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Its target readership are German public officials, professionals, journalists, as well as researchers. FES Perspectives are mostly published in German and written by varying American and German experts.

Publications from the Digital Library

Czogalla, Michael

Diplomatie statt Ignoranz

Die neue US-Außenpolitik unter Joe Biden
Berlin, 2021

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Bergmann, Max; Lamond, James

Die 9/11-Ära ist jetzt Geschichte

Die Zukunft der US-amerikanischen Außenpolitik
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (120 KB, PDF-File)

Rojansky, Matthew

Deutschland, die USA und Nord Stream 2

WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (160 KB, PDF-File)

Dethlefsen, Knut

Die Coronakrise trifft die USA

Gespaltene Gesellschaft, angeschlagene Wirtschaft und Politik ohne Kompass
Berlin, 2021

Download publication (120 KB, PDF-File)

Lamond, James; Bergmann, Max

A new transatlantic Russia policy

Can the U.S. and Europe work together?
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (90 KB, PDF-File)

Rojansky, Matthew

The U.S., Germany, and Nord Stream 2

WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Bergmann, Max; Lamond, James

The 9/11 era is now history

What comes next for U.S. foreign policy
WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (95 KB, PDF-File)

Dethlefsen, Knut; Panknin, Knut

Blaue Mauer statt blauer Welle

Berlin, 2020

Download publication (110 KB, PDF-File)

Miller-Idriss, Cynthia

In whose interest?

Gender and far-right politics in the United States
WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (330 KB, PDF-File)

Panknin, Knut

Ein System mit Vorerkrankungen

Warum die USA schwer mit der Corona-Wirtschaftskrise zu kämpfen haben
WashingtonDC, 2020

Go to Publication (280 KB, PDF-File)

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