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07.12.2017 | Publication, Security

Progressive Policymaking in a Changing Region:

Insights from the third American-German-Israeli Trialogue; Berlin, June 2017


| Publication, Security, Economy, News

Who governs the internet? Players and fields of action

How should the internet be regulated in order to be an important component of a good society? And who should be responsible?


| Publication, Security, News

Europe must find its own approach to Iran

Why we cannot rely on American diplomacy in the row over the nuclear deal



20.09.2017 | Spotlight, News

American Opinion Currents in the Trump Era

By Alec Tyson, Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center


| News, Spotlight

Turkey and Germany: Approaching a Breaking Point?

Relations between Turkey and Germany, already on a steady decline, reached a low point in the aftermath of the arrest of Turkish-born German writer…


08.08.2017 | Spotlight

Selective Perception: Explaining Political Communication under Trump

Why do we see a change in political communication under Trump? Dr. Knüpfer explains why we need a new paradigm to explain communication dynamics.


12.06.2017 | Spotlight, News

Making American Higher Education Social Democratic: Rethinking New York’s Excelsior Scholarship

Affordability in higher education has been put on many a political pedestal, yet no federal solution exists. Could New York be the model to follow?


| Publication, Economy

Right-Wing Populism and Authoritarian Nationalism in the U.S. and Europe

Despite recent setbacks, right-wing populism continues to challenge liberal

democracies. It can be read as a revolt of those who consider themselves…


22.05.2017 | News, Spotlight

‘Relax, Gringo, I’m Legal’: Mexican Migration Issues under Trump

Demonizing Mexican immigrants and building a wall were central to Trump's election. How has it impacted lives here at home and relations with Mexico?


12.05.2017 | News, Spotlight

America Adapts to Climate Change and President Trump

As the Trump administration abandons US commitment to climate and environmental protection, who will fill the gap?


A news services on current political, economic and cultural developments provided by the Washington Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Its target readership are German public officials, professionals, journalists, as well as researchers. FES Perspectives are mostly published in German and written by varying American and German experts.

Publications from the Digital Library

Schmid, Nils

Not against China, but for democracy

A transatlantic approach
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (100 KB, PDF-File)

Tasini, Jonathan

Just transition in the U.S.

A harsh mirage absent a fundamental revolution
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (0,8 MB, PDF-File)

Lamond, James; Bergmann, Max

The multilateral moment

Democracies need to move fast
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (140 KB, PDF-File)

Czogalla, Michael

Diplomatie statt Ignoranz

Die neue US-Außenpolitik unter Joe Biden
Berlin, 2021

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Bergmann, Max; Lamond, James

Die 9/11-Ära ist jetzt Geschichte

Die Zukunft der US-amerikanischen Außenpolitik
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (120 KB, PDF-File)

Rojansky, Matthew

Deutschland, die USA und Nord Stream 2

WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (160 KB, PDF-File)

Dethlefsen, Knut

Die Coronakrise trifft die USA

Gespaltene Gesellschaft, angeschlagene Wirtschaft und Politik ohne Kompass
Berlin, 2021

Download publication (120 KB, PDF-File)

Lamond, James; Bergmann, Max

A new transatlantic Russia policy

Can the U.S. and Europe work together?
WashingtonDC, 2021

Download publication (90 KB, PDF-File)

Rojansky, Matthew

The U.S., Germany, and Nord Stream 2

WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (150 KB, PDF-File)

Bergmann, Max; Lamond, James

The 9/11 era is now history

What comes next for U.S. foreign policy
WashingtonDC, 2020

Download publication (95 KB, PDF-File)





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