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08.04.2022 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Building the Power to Transform - Between Germany and Canada
Dr. Nils Schmid, MdB visits Ottawa for the 2022 Broadbent Progress Summit  
06.04.2022 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Cause for Cautious Optimism: What the Saarland State Election Means for German Politics
On March 27th, voters in the German state of Saarland cast their ballots in the first election since the federal parliamentary elections last September. The results were an overwhelming success for…  
23.03.2022 | Blog-aD | Blog-aD
KNUTS LOGBUCH | Inflation außer Kontrolle? Die USA setzen zur Rettung an
Die USA leiden unter der höchste Inflation seit vier Jahrzehnten. Von Kartoffeln bis zu Autos, sämtliche Preise haben sich dramatisch erhöht. Wie es zu dieser enormen Inflation kam und warum die…  
94. Where is Germany’s foreign policy heading?  
The war on Ukraine has led to a profound transformation of German foreign policy. But open questions about its long-term implications remain  
10.03.2022 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
A Security Watershed: A New Geopolitical Germany
In a public event in Washington, the FES DC brought together Members of the German Bundestag and American policy experts to discuss the implications of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s historic announcement…  
02.03.2022 | Event | Event
A Security Watershed: A New Geopolitical Germany
Public event | Monday March 7th, 2022 | Holeman Lounge, National Press Club | 6-8:00pm | RSVP, proof of vaccination, and ID required to enter  
97. Security Radar 2022: Navigating the disarray of European Security  
The 2022 edition of the FES survey gauges public opinion in 14 states from across the OSCE region.  
98. Ein Jahr Präsident Joe Biden - die Lage in den USA  
Die Veranstaltung findet digital, am Montag, 28. Februar 2022 um 18.00 – 19.00 Uhr MEZ statt. Mehr  
99. Blockieren für den Umsturz  
Bei den Trucker-Protesten in Kanada geht es nicht um Corona-Maßnahmen, sondern um einen rechten Aufstand.  
100. What’s really behind Canada’s ‘trucker protests’  
The protests were never about truckers, vaccine mandates, or Covid restrictions. Instead, they exposed the threat of home-grown right-wing extremism  
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