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101. Politik-Talk: Die USA - Bilanz nach dem ersten Jahr Präsidentschaft von Joe Biden  
Was ist aus Joe Bidens Beschwörungsformel „Amerika ist zurück!“ geworden? Vor welchen Herausforderungen steht die Demokratische Partei ein knappes Jahr vor den Zwischenwahlen – den Midterms – bei…  
16.12.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
The New Cold War in the Western Hemisphere: The United States’ China Challenge in Latin America
Thirty years after the end of the Cold War with Soviet Russia, the Biden administration finds itself in a similar competition with China. What are the contours of the “New Cold War” as the two…  
13.12.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
An EU Army: competition with NATO or the right to protection?
An interview with MEP Witold Waszczykowski, First Vice-Chair of the EU Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs and former Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs.  
10.12.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
The 2001 AUMF: The one-way ratchet that irreversibly expanded presidential power
Despite Biden’s decision to end America’s longest war, we should not expect the 46th president to willingly relinquish the extraordinary national security powers that have accrued to his office since…  
09.12.2021 | Blog-aD | Blog-aD
KNUTS LOGBUCH | Ein Jahr unter Präsident Joe Biden. Wo stehen die USA?
Vor einem Jahr wurde Joe Biden mit mehr Stimmen als jeder Kandidat vor ihm zum Präsidenten der Vereinigten Staaten gewählt - mit ebenso großen Erwartungen wie Versprechen. Doch wie sieht seine…  
03.12.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Further NATO Enlargement: Putin's "red lines" and myths about Western promises
Was a promise really made to Russia in the early 1990s to prevent the expansion of NATO? What are the key issues Western allies should address to prevent NATO from becoming a thing of the past?  
01.12.2021 | Event | Event
The Dawn of a New Time
The FES DC gathered with close friends and partners in the transatlantic relationship in Washington for an evening of progressive networking, reconnection, and celebration.  
29.11.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Further NATO Enlargement: Myth or Reality?
An Interview with former Deputy Secretary General of NATO Alexander Vershbow  
15.11.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
The case for U.S. vaccine diplomacy in Latin America
The United States has much to gain from acting promptly and aggressively against the pandemic in other countries of the Western Hemisphere. Aside from the political and security benefits, bold and…  
05.11.2021 | Event | Event
NEW VOICES – NEW IDEAS? The United States, Germany, and Europe in the World
Public Panel, 18:15–19:30 (CET) | 12:15–13:30 (EDT)  
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