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15.11.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
The case for U.S. vaccine diplomacy in Latin America
The United States has much to gain from acting promptly and aggressively against the pandemic in other countries of the Western Hemisphere. Aside from the political and security benefits, bold and…  
05.11.2021 | Event | Event
NEW VOICES – NEW IDEAS? The United States, Germany, and Europe in the World
Public Panel, 18:15–19:30 (CET) | 12:15–13:30 (EDT)  
02.11.2021 | Blog-aD, News | Blog-aD, News
KNUTS LOGBUCH | Gouverneurswahlen – Der erste Test für Biden
Ein Jahr vor den wichtigen #Kongresswahlen in den USA bestimmen die Bürger in den Bundesstaaten Virginia und New Jersey einen neuen Gouverneur! Die Wahlen gelten als wichtiger Stimmungstest auch auf…  
27.10.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Joe Biden’s immigration policy: “Trump light”?
President Biden faces daunting challenges as he develops a new set of immigration policies - but are these policies really “Trump light” or “Trump 2.0”? Dorian Kantor examines President Biden’s…  
08.10.2021 | Blog-aD | Blog-aD
KNUTS LOGBUCH | Die gesellschaftliche Modernisierung der USA
Das zweite Reformpaket von Präsident Biden hat eine umfassende gesellschaftliche Modernisierung der USA zum Ziel. Unklar ist, ob der Präsident sich auf die Unterstützung aller Demokraten verlassen…  
06.10.2021 | Publication | Publication
Introducing the 2021 Media Fellowship Project participants
The FES DC is pleased to introduce the three outstanding participants in the 2021 Media Fellowship Project.  
04.10.2021 | Publication | Publication
Dossier: The transatlantic relationship
Download the latest FES DC and Social Europe Dossier  
118. Analysis of the Bundestag Elections 2021  
A Historic Bundestag Election and an SPD comeback. The Bundestag elections 2021 stand out in a number of respects. For the first time (with the exception of the first Bundestag election in 1949)…  
28.09.2021 | Event | Event
Leading Edge: The SPD in the Super Election Year
Join us Thursday, September 30 at 11 am EDT for an interactive conversation!  
24.09.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
How to Win a German Election
The tactics used by the parties to persuade undecided voters and to turn out supporters could make the difference between taking the chancellery or heading to the opposition benches.  
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