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23.09.2021 | Event | Event
Lessons from Election Night
Join us, the FES NY Office, and the European Institute at Columbia University for a discussion to make sense of a historic election night.  
21.09.2021 | Blog-iE, News | Blog-iE, News
Canada's 44th General Election | Aftermath and Opportunities
Opposition parties will continue to have control over Parliamentary Committees, and Liberals will continue to have challenges managing the House.  
21.09.2021 | Event | Event
Polling Germany | The numbers have changed - but how and why?
An interactive conversation on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 // 11:30-12:30 EDT // 17:30-18:30 CEST  
20.09.2021 | Blog-iE, News | Blog-iE, News
Return of the Social Democrats?
Ian Russell blogs about the SPD's campaign and argues that after a rough decade and a half, the once-storied titan of Europe’s center-left could be poised for a dramatic comeback after the election…  
09.09.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
All together now: facing the global challenges of our time
Recent headlines make it seem an inauspicious moment for a progressive transatlantic political alliance—yet this couldn’t be more urgent.  
03.09.2021 | Publication | Publication
CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2021 Media Fellowship Project
Seizing the Moment : Progressive Possibilities in Transatlantic Politics - DEADLINE EXTENDED! Apply by September 13, 2021  
01.09.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Germany's Super Election Year - the countdown, the polls, and the candidates
As the Federal Election approaches, Germany's Super Election Year is shaping up to be a nail-biter. The latest #KnutsLogbook, this week from Hamburg.  
128. Trudeau's election gamble  
The Canadian snap election is meant to consolidate the power of the Liberals, yet it seems the Social Democrats could be victorious  
129. Pandemischer Wahlpoker  
Justin Trudeau spielt mit der Ausrufung von Neuwahlen auf einen Ausbau seiner Machtposition. Die kanadischen Sozialdemokraten könnten davon profitieren.  
10.08.2021 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Transatlantic trade cooperation: a lever for environmental and labor protection?
If the pitfalls of the last attempted transatlantic trade deal are avoided, this could be a vehicle for improving standards.  
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