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03.11.2022 | Blog-iE, News, Event | Blog-iE, News, Event
Highlights: Race to the Finish Line: Perspectives on the 2022 Midterm Elections
The Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Washington, D.C. hosted a midterm live-stream event on November 3rd with two leading Democratic and Republican campaign strategists to discuss the possible results…  
03.11.2022 | News, Event | News, Event
Security in an Insecure World: Germany's Defense Pivot
On November 3, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Washington, D.C. is hosting an in-person panel discussion with the German Deputy Secretary of Defense Siemtje Möller (SPD) to talk about Germany's new…  
12.10.2022 | Blog-iE | Blog-iE
Young Transatlanticists | JUSOS in the United States
From September 19 to 25 FES Washington welcomed Board Members of the JUSOS to discuss the Midterms, Russia's War in Ukraine, and the Zeitenwende...  
29.09.2022 | Blog-aD, News | Blog-aD, News
Knuts Logbuch | Die neue Strategie der Demokraten
Wir haben die heiße Phase des US-Wahlkampfs erreicht. Jetzt wird sich zeigen, ob die neue Strategie der Demokraten bei den Wählerinnen und Wählern ankommt. Noch vor dem Sommer hätte den Demokraten…  
26.09.2022 | Blog-iE, News | Blog-iE, News
Hate Among Us: Ottawa Conference on Hate and Far-Right Extremism
In September, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung USA & Canada (FES) convened an international conference on hate. Experts gathered in Ottawa to share strategies and tools from across Europe and North America…  
22.09.2022 | Blog-iE, News | Blog-iE, News
Congress-Bundestag Seminar 2022
Between September 11-15, 2022 the 37th meeting of the Congress-Bundestag Seminar was able to bring together policymakers from Germany and the United States. The first post-pandemic meetings brought…  
13.09.2022 | Blog-aD | Blog-aD
KNUTS LOGBUCH | Demokraten vs. Republikaner: Die USA vor den Midterm-Elections
Anfang September beginnt in den USA der politische Herbst. Und 2022 wird es wohl ein stürmischer Herbst werden, denn im November finden die Zwischenwahlen statt, die als erster großer Test für die…  
01.09.2022 | Event | Event
Hate Among Us: Combatting Right-Wing Extremism in Canada, the USA and Europe
Conference: Presented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.  
69. Watershed Moment – The Start of a New Era  
Speech by SPD Co-Chair Lars Klingbeil  
30.08.2022 | Publication | Publication
Security Radar 2022
Find the full report and key findings here  
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