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The progressive left in the United States is harnessing the power of a grassroots political movement to change the way the country thinks about politics. The performance of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary in the 2016 Presidential Election and subsequent meteoric rise of politicians like Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Elizabeth Warren have demonstrated that ideas that were once considered fringe political ideas are moving into the mainstream. The FES accompanies these political movements acting as an interlocutor and convener of voices from both sides of the Atlantic to promote issues of fairness and equality.


Inauguration Day in America: Linking Washington and Berlin

EVENT | January 20, 2021



Taking Stock: The Day After A Historic Election

ONLINE LIVE EVENT: November 4, 2020



Women in Politics | Leadership and Political Participation

Hon. Katarina Barley (MEP); Amb. Melanne Verveer and HuffPosts Amanda Terkel


Latest Publications


The U.S., Germany, and Nord Stream 2

Germany and the United States differ in their approaches to Russia’s energy trade with Europe, giving rise to a potential stumbling block over Nord…


In Whose Interest? Gender and Far-Right Politics in the United States

This report examines women’s and gender politics in the U.S. in the context of far-right nationalist populism and extremism, in three parts. First, it…


8. Mai: Wir verdanken den USA viel


von Knut Dethlefsen: Am 8. Mai 1945 endete nicht nur der Zweite Weltkrieg in Europa. Es begann auch eine enge Partnerschaft zwischen Deutschland und…


USA and Canada


Climate and Energy Policy

Sebastian Ehreiser
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