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For over 80 years, the United States has assumed the primary leadership role in the world. The U.S. served as a symbol and actor for a collection of values; above all, for peace and prosperity and an economic order that did not benefit only its own interest. The current “America First” policies have radically impacted the foreign policy of the United States, drawing into question the global leadership role it has held – and helped create – over eight decades ago. Long-standing bonds of trust with friends and allies have been damaged to a degree that will require time, patience, and strength to repair.

Saving the Transatlantic Alliance is Crucial

This planet faces enormous threats: nuclear ambitions, terrorism, energy-security, climate change or authoritarian regimes and conflict, they all compete for attention and resources and can only be solved with an collaborative, cooperative, and inclusive transatlantic relationship. These challenges have an urgency that contemporary politics and traditional settings are unable or unwilling to address. New ways of collaboration must take shape to address these matters. Therefore, it is our goal to engage and convene transatlantic and international lawmakers, experts, civic actors, and future leaders to generate new ideas and policy recommendations.

Global Atlanticists

Global Atlanticists

The "Global Atlanticists" Network, initiated by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in 2003, is a bipartisan transatlantic network of German and U.S. lawmakers and key policy advisors. It was established to promote a mutual... More


| Event, Security

NEW VOICES – NEW IDEAS? The United States, Germany, and Europe in the World

Public Panel, 18:15–19:30 (CET) | 12:15–13:30 (EDT)



25.05.2021 | Event, Security

The First 100 Days : A New U.S. Government, A New Foreign Policy?

Watch highlights and the full-length video of a Congress - Bundestag exchange with the Honorable Congressman Brendan Boyle and The Honorable Nils…


03.05.2021 | Event, Security

Back to the Future: 100 Days of Biden’s Foreign Policy

Watch highlights and the full-length video event featuring MdB Dr. Nils Schmid; Heather Hurlburt of New America; and Matt Duss, Senior Advisor to…


Latest Publications

13.07.2021 | Publication, Security

Not Against China, But For Democracy

China‘s development is intensifying the great power competition with the United States and driving the polarization of the international system. Now…


| Publication, Security

Out of the Greenhouse

Jointly and globally, the climate change security risk can still be prevented


11.03.2021 | Publication, Security


Democracies Need to Move Fast


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