Progress Summit 2024: Making the Good Society

In April, the Broadbent Institute hosted the annual Progress Summit in Ottawa, bringing together progressive thinkers, elected politicians, activists, and labor union members to discuss a path forward for creating a just and equitable society.

This year's theme was "Making the Good Society,” and the event was filled with inspiring discussions and powerful presentations.

One of the highlights of the summit was remarks by Sarah Timmann, a member of the Hamburg State Parliament (MdHB) who attended as part of an FES program of trans-Atlantic exchange. In her speech, MdHB Timmann emphasized the urgent need for social democrats to combat the rise of right-wing populism. She shared her insights on the current political climate in Germany, and her experience with the massive protests in Hamburg against the far-right AfD, where over 100,000 people stood up against hate and called for a diverse and inclusive society.

MdHB Timmann stressed the importance of uniting people through progressive politics – fighting for secure employment, fair wages, and a good quality of life as essential measures to protect against anti-democratic tendencies. Her powerful words reminded us that progressives must connect with working-class people in a tangible way and offer them hope and a better future.

Another significant moment at the summit was the presentation by Knut Dethlefsen, the FES Representative to the USA and Canada. Knut introduced FES's new report on housing affordability in Canada, highlighting the critical challenges faced by Canadians in securing affordable housing. The report, co-authored with the Broadbent Institute and titled "Dreams & Realities on the Home Front," provides a new public opinion analysis of the housing affordability crisis in Canada and offers policy recommendations to address this pressing issue. You can read the full report here.

The Progress Summit concluded with a strong message of solidarity and the importance of trans-Atlantic exchanges among progressives. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung extends its heartfelt thanks to the Broadbent Institute for organizing such an important and engaging event - these collaborations are an important way make sure that progressive values are put into action in Canada and beyond.

2024 Progress Summit, April 10-12, Ottawa. :copyright: Wellington Imagery

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