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Dr. Nils Schmid, MdB visits Ottawa for the 2022 Broadbent Progress Summit

From March 30 – April 1, 2022 Dr. Nils Schmid joined the FES USA & Canada in Ottawa to participate in Canada’s largest annual progressive gathering. The Progress Summit, held by the Broadbent Institute, brings together a broad group of social democrats, activists, labour leaders, and organizers to discuss democracy, sustainability and social equality. This year’s summit had a particular focus on just transition, pandemic recovery and coalition-building.

Dr. Schmid was a featured speaker in conversation with Jennifer Howard, a top Canadian social democrat. Both former finance ministers, the two discussed the art of coalitions and governing agreements and how to stay true to social democratic values while wielding power.

A highlight of the visit was when Ed Broadbent personally welcomed Dr. Schmid and the FES delegation, and shared stories of his time as Willy Brandt’s vice-president at Socialist International. He reflected on the importance of an enduring link between social democrats on both sides of the Atlantic, and FES’ vital role in nurturing those ties.

During his time in Ottawa, Dr. Schmid also met with New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh and Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson. They discussed the situation in Ukraine, as well as the SPD’s move to increase minimum wage and housing affordability.  Dr. Schmid toured Canada’s Parliament buildings and met social democratic Members of Parliament, as well as the Chair of the Foreign Affairs committee.

FES wishes to thank Dr. Schmid for taking the time to join us for this visit and strengthening the ties between German and Canadian social democrats. 

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