Hate Among Us: Combatting Right-Wing Extremism in Canada, the USA and Europe

Conference: Presented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

As right-wing extremists and hate groups organize in new ways and take up growing space in public discourse, it’s more important than ever to understand how they work and share strategies to combat them.

This free one-day conference will bring together international experts on the far-right, academics, activists and policy-makers to discuss emerging trends in hate groups, the role of the G7 in combatting disinformation, best practices and new tools for anti-hate education, and examine empowering community responses that strengthen democracy. 

This conference marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Transatlantic Network on Countering the Far Right. Every year, experts from East and Central Europe and North America gather to discuss new developments in the far right, exchange intelligence and share new ways of countering extremism. 

We are pleased to welcome you to join the conversation with a day of panels, discussions, and networking to spark exchange and strengthen our efforts to counter extremism, hate and violence from the far right.  

Participants will include speakers from:   

  • The Canadian Anti-Hate Network 
  • The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany  
  • The Free University of Berlin 
  • The Global Project on Hate and Extremism 
  • Hope not Hate
  • The Political Capital Institute, Hungary  
  • The Never Again Association, Poland  
  • The World Jewish Congress
    And more. 

    Please email for registration information

USA and Canada

+1 202-478-4390

+1 202-478-4390

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