The FES Mourns the Death of Richard Trumka

The President of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, passed away unexpectedly at age 72.

Rich Trumka, a champion for workers globally and a close friend and colleague of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, has passed away unexpectedly. Today, the FES mourns with the entire United States labor movement.

Rich was a proud mine worker and union leader, an inspiration, and a force for change. During his 12-year tenure as president of the AFL-CIO, Rich always kept the concerns and aspirations of working people as his guiding star.

Worker solidarity was never an empty phrase for Rich. He put words into action, working closely with the German labor movement and other worker organizations globally. We proudly recall our cooperation with him and his colleagues at the AFL-CIO, whether on the questions of work and workers of the future, or difficult issues such as countering right-wing populism in the labor movement. 

While we are mourning, we also remember a fearless and principled leader. Rich’s legacy and fervent belief that working people can and must shape their own future, and that the labor movement must be at the forefront in the fight against racism and white supremacy, will continue to shape our own work. In solidarity, we commit to keeping Rich’s legacy alive, fighting for the values he stood for in our work.

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